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At Misty River we strive to do things differently with innovative menus and superb cuisine, keeping up to date with the latest trends and with a passion for excellence in service.   We cater standard, Halaal,  Vegetarian, wheat, dairy and gluten free.

We offer a range of different menu options, kindly contact our offices for the full menu selection, herewith only a few items which could be expected from the menu option.

  1. It’s a summer party ( sample menu Butternut and thyme quiche, sage stuffed oven grilled fish, meditarenean pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and basil pesto, waffles served with ice cream and toppings……and many more)
  2. It’s a winter party (Carrot and cumin seed soup, chicken and prawn curry, oxtail in red wine and orange zest, malva pudding with amarula and served with custard…..heating up the night
  3. It’s a Spitbraai (sample menu: chicken kebabs marinated in coconut milk and coriander, marinated lamb on spit, medley of vegetables served in whole pumpkin, malvapudding with custard……..what can we say)
  4. It’s a tradional menu (Hearty beef stew, dumplings, butter samp……and we…..
  5. It’s a groove (Variety of breadrolls, panini with chicken breast fillets, hamburgers, pizzas, lasanga, boerwors rolls, chips, salads, sauces, chocolate fountain with dippings….mmmmm),
  6. It’s a classic (haloumi cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry, rustic lamb pie, chicken stuffed with fresh herbs, pumpkin fritters, white chocolate cheesecake with berries……..the classics)

It’s a feast (Melon wrapped in parma ham and served with a balsamic reduction, salmon steaks with ginger and fresh chives, beef fillet served in phyllo pastry with mushroom sauce,fresh asparagus in hollandaise sauce, red velvet pancakes served with crème fraiche and fresh berries……the night is swining)